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The Ghostwriter of the Prosperity Gospel?

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Eugene Ewing is often known for making his mark by setting up "scam" mailing campaigns. Most of Oral Roberts most successful campaigns (including telling audiences "God will kill me if I don't get 6 millions dollars") are credited to Eugene Ewing. These mailers -- similar to scam Nigerian emails you may receive today -- made false claims and sly promises that (according to Trinity Foundation Investigators) were the, "cleverest financial deception of the time." Ewing had apparently gotten his mailing lists from US census records. He is said to have specifically targeted those who marked themselves as Christian, low-education, but also had medium income.

Ewing then took a number of Bible scriptures, twisted them out-of-context, and began mass distribution of literature claiming that God would: Bless you financially if you gave money in your return envelope, and cursed you if you didn't give. The financial success of these initial scams was in the millions. Eventually, Eugene Ewing appears to have set-up the largest mailing operation for these solicitations in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- which was later called the "Christian Mecca."

It did not take long before those in Eugene Ewing's "inner circle" were the most profitable -- today often called, "Seed-Faith," "Health and Wealth" or "Prosperity Gospel."

What is commonly described by some as the "Devil's Brew" or "Ewing Formula" has an attraction for obvious reasons: "It allows one to conceal income records while taking in millions of tax free dollars with NO visible public benefit whatsoever. In fact, the only people who appear to benefit are the claimed "ministers" themselves." Says investigator Evans of the Dallas, Texas, Trinity Foundation. "They are the poster guys of what the word scam means. And their jet planes, mansions, and exotic cars are not gained honestly, but at everyone else's expense. Since they're holding Bibles people look the other way. Find me a scripture that supports any of this."

Despite this fact, Eugene Ewing, and those who began their ministries with his apparent aid, have thrived to the tune of estimated billions and billions in income since the 1980s. And, although still behind-the-scenes, Ewing himself is believed to currently have an income stream of roughly 100 million a year.

This modern movement can be traced back to a meeting that Ewing had with Oral Roberts.

In 1968, donations to Roberts' ministry had plummeted after Roberts alienated many of his supporters by joining the United Methodist Church. To raise money, Roberts decided to sell the ministry's corporate airplane.

Ewing came to see Oral about buying the plane. When he arrived at the ministry headquarters, he had something to sell to Roberts. The first thing out his mouth was, "Oral, you are in trouble, and I can help you." And did he ever.

According to Wayne Robinson, then the vice president of public affairs for the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association, "Gene laid out one of the most sophisticated fund-raising campaigns I had ever seen. He said, 'Oral, I want you to write your supporters and tell them you are going in the prayer tower, and you are going to read their prayer requests and pray over them.' He stayed there three days. I forget how many hundred thousands of letters we had, but it was huge."

The core of Ewing's advice to Roberts was the seed-faith philosophy. "You give to the ministry, and God will reward you with a financial blessing."

By the following year, income to Roberts' ministry had doubled, going from $6 million to $12 million. Roberts was so happy with Ewing's guidance that he gave him the plane.

Just by helping with Oral Roberts' ministry, Ewing could be regarded as the father of the modern-day 'seed-faith' concept. Many preachers joined the health-and-wealth gospel bandwagon by emulating old Oral (Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar).

Unfortunately, Ewing did not stop the Roberts. Once word got about his magic touch, several other ministers sought his services. T.L. Osborn ran into Ewing at an airport and hired him to direct his fundraising.

"We were down to counting pencils and paper clips until Gene came along," boasted Osborn.

Ewing's flair for effective, dramatic direct-mail appeals won him jobs writing for evangelists including Robert Tilton, Rex Humbard and "Rev. Ike."

So now we should be clear on where this trash comes from, but one thing is certain; we know it didn’t come from the Lord.


2 Peter 2:3 (NLT) In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed.


  1. Where are the posts of traditional religion? I've only seen posts on the lack thereof.

  2. It really makes me angry that people have minized God to "tithes and offerings". Instead of being the Mighty God - creator of heaven and earth, He's now a tool people use to pimp people (albeit silly nitwitts)out of their money. God does bless a cheerful giver, but he also looks at the heart, he know if you are trying to "get blessed quick". it doesn't work like that and God doesn't bless foolishness/ignorance or stupidity.